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  • City Council – Unanimously adopted the CRC Final Report 8-0
  • Charter Revision Commission – Disbanded
  • City Council published the entire proposed new Charter in the local newspaper
  • City Council – Decided on Referendum Question(s) for Ballot
  • City Council – Choose date and sites vote

Charter Revision Summary - The Vetting Process

The Charter revision recommendations were reviewed and approved by the following Legal Attorneys:

West Haven Corporation Counsel
Lee Tiernan
Craig Sullivan and Associates
Independent Attorney Winthrop Smith Jr.

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities - CCM indicated that while they are not allowed to make a determination on the content of the proposed charter, they were pleased to see our Commission used the standard process and format to develop the recommendations.

Secretary of State – Throughout our process the Chairman had several discussions with the S.O.S. Legal Department who provided guidance on specific recommendations and their legality from a State of CT General Statutes perspective

West Haven Charter Revision Education and Outreach Committee

Read Charter Revision Commission Presentation

Current City Charter

Proposed City Charter

View Ballot