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The City Manager will be:

  • The Chief Executive Officer of the City.
  • Hired by majority vote of the City Council.
  • Required to have a contract of up to 4 years
  • For stability, it is preferred that this contract does not run concurrently with municipal elections.
  • Required to hold a Graduate Degree with a concentration in public administration, public affairs, public policy or business administration AND five (5) years’ municipal management experience.
  • Subject to removal, for cause, by two-thirds vote of the City Council.
  • Oversight of ALL City Departments.

Duties will include:

  • Prepare the budget for the City Council’s consideration.
  • Serve as the City Council’s chief advisor by providing complete and objective information about local operations, discussing options, offering an assessment of the long-term consequences of decisions, proposing policy recommendations and economic development guidance.
  • Carry out the policies established by the City Council.
  • This is NOT just a powerful Finance Director, it is much more.
  • Functioning much like a business organization's chief executive, the appointed professional manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the community.
  • Through a professional staff, this person ensures the provision of services and enforces the policies adopted by the elected representatives.
  • Professional managers save taxpayers money by seeking the most efficient and effective way possible to deliver services.
  • They take a long-term, integrated, and community-wide approach to service delivery that discourages organizational silos or decisions based solely on political agendas.
  • They remove waste and eliminate duplicative processes and build consensus among diverse interests, promote equity and fairness, and develop and sustain organizational excellence and innovation.
  • In short, professional managers strive for continuous improvement in the quality of life within their community while also ensuring its financial well-being.
  • With a professional appointed manager in place, elected officials are free to devote time to policy planning and development, knowing that their policies will be implemented efficiently, effectively, and ethically by a highly trained administrator.
  • If residents are dissatisfied with the performance of the manager, they have only to alert their elected representatives, which ensures the accountability of this position.         



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