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21st Century Governing

Our current style of government and the processes we use are far too antiquated and rigid in their approach, which ultimately adds unnecessary cost to the City of West Haven taxpayers. Our Commission has evaluated where we are, as well as where we have been, and used that evidence to provide the tools required to facilitate a transformation in our current approach to governing. The flexibility we attempted to build into the Proposed City Charter will allow the next generation of leaders to innovate, consolidate, and streamline city services.

Charter Revision Summary the Vetting Process

The Charter revision recommendations were reviewed and approved by the following Legal Attorneys:

    1. Lee Tiernan
    2. Craig Sullivan & Associate
    3. Independent Attorney Winthrop Smith

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities - CCM indicated that while they are not allowed to make a determination on the content of the proposed charter, they were pleased to see our Commission used the standard process and format to develop the recommendations.

Secretary of State – Throughout our process the Chairman had several discussions with the S.O.S. Legal Department who provided guidance on specific recommendations and their legality from a State of CT General Statutes perspective

Charter Commission Members

Edward R Granfield- Chairman, Iris Diaz-Vice Chairman, John Carrano-Majority Leader, Silvana Apicella, John Brunetti, Victoria Clifford, Rohan Smith, and our intern from the University of New Haven Christian Zapata

West Haven Charter Revision Education and Outreach Committee

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Current City Charter

Proposed City Charter

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